Wealth Creation?

At Stratique Finance we know the reason you invest is so you can lead the lifestyle you desire. Whether it’s the home you’ve always wanted, that investment property portfolio you’re always talking about or the boat you’ve always dreamed of!


We know, because that’s our goal too!

We also know the real reason you invest is not because you ‘like’ property, or so you can negative gear. The real reason to invest in property is to make money. Money equals choices. Having choices when you get to retirement is very important. Unfortunately 63% of people in Australia retire reliant solely on the government pension of around $12,500 p.a.!

Our focus at Stratique Finance is to assist you to build your investment & property portfolio through correct finance, entity and ownership structures. Cash flow, equity, leverage, capital growth and yield are all critical when making the choice in your next investment.

We also have aligned partners in Financial Planning that can provide strategic recommendations regarding, Managed funds, Shares, Superannuation and Personal Insurances.

Our focus:

  1. Structured Financial Solutions tailored to your individual situation

  2. Build wealth through leveraging and investment property

  3. Save tax and plan for retirement

  4. Financial Planning strategies