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Structured Finance Strategy Solutions for all your property needs


Stratique Finance is an independently owned mortgage and finance company that was established in 2005. We have access to a number of lenders including major banks and boutique lenders. The team at Stratique Finance are strategy focused not product focused. We take a bigger view of your short, medium and long term goals and provide finance strategy advice that will compliment what you are looking to achieve minus the lender roadblocks.

We are relationship focused not transaction focused with the aim to establishing a long term relationship and provide ongoing service and strategy advice to our clients. We take the old Bank Manager view and promote ourselves as one contact for all your banking needs.

We have a diverse customer base with strategies ranging from First Home Buyers to existing home owners looking to upgrade or utilise the equity within their property to purchase an investment property. Our clients also include experienced investors with large property portfolios.

Structure and strategy are the most important aspects of your finance lending coupled with identifying the right lender for your requirements that will support your long term goals.

Our team has vast experience in banking structures and strategies and we have a number of associated partners to support your structure and strategy.

If you go straight to your bank and get the cheapest rate most times you will end up in the wrong loan! The bank will only be offering you their own products, which are a fraction of the finance options available on the market if you know where to look.

Stratique Finance specialises in the following services:

  • Investment & Home Loans

  • Vehicle Finance & Business Loans

  • Commercial & Development & Loans                                  

  • Investment Property Portfolio Review

  • Finance Structure Expertise

  • Property Selection and Acquisition

  • Wealth Creation